Inspirational Motivational Speaker, Human Flight Expert, Adventurer, Leader and Athlete


Inspirational and motivational speaker Alastair Macartney is a World Champion and global adventurer and that leads a team of human flight specialists that defy conventional wisdom and achieve the unachievable while raising awareness for charity.  From setting a World Record leaping from the KL Tower in Malaysia to leading a 3-man wingsuit human flight formation from the infamous north face of the Eiger in Switzerland his team create the catalyst to inspire and motivate others to push their boundaries while bridging the intersection to support others less fortunate than themselves.

Alastair pursues innovative solutions to achieving and conquering human flight.  Whether from a plane, a cliff ledge or a skyscraper; Alastair has used his extraordinary talents in a unique way.  A philanthropist at heart, he developed the concept of Extreme Charitable Work, having turned his adventures into a means of helping those less able than himself.  He established and developed Jump4Heroes, The Royal British Legion Extreme Human Flight Team, and developed the strategy to provide the team with outstanding National and International results, far exceeding all expectations.

In addition to his distinguished career as a Major in the Army, Alastair has been featured widely across the International media including in The Sun, Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Sky News, Belfast Telegraph, Metro, Independent and ITV Daybreak, to name just a few.  He has won medals at World level, set World Records in BASE jumping and skydiving, led multiple expeditions to leap from the infamous North Face of the Eiger, launched the 2010 Poppy Appeal, developed the ‘Toys For Troops’ concept delivery toys to the children of those deployed on military Operations at Christmas while skydiving in as Santa, and much more.  His human flight initiatives, in particular his world record BASE jumps and the advanced wingsuit formation proximity flights, have been viewed closely by many around the world.

As a Leader, Author, Speaker and Adventurer, he spends his time finding incredible risks, minimizing them to an acceptable level and leading teams to accomplish incredible goals.  When not undertaking such seemingly crazy escapades he is penning his next article and book or Speaking to a variety of high profile audiences.

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