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4 Ways to Stay Inspired

In the last week I’ve re-affirmed the incredible power that staying inspired can give you and how pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, in just a small way, can really boost confidence and efficiency.

Alastair Macartney and the Jump4Heroes exit the north face of the Eiger for a wingsuit formation flight.  Photo by Chris Douggs McDougall.

As the Team Leader of Jump4Heroes, The Royal British Legion Extreme Human Flight Team, I’ve been working hard on the release of our new video.  It came from a project we called Mission To The Eiger that was recently serialised in the print version of Blue Skies Mag.  This has coincided with two events that I’ve recently been a Speaker at; the British Parachute Association Annual General Meeting and to the Brize Norton Air Cadets.  Both had quite different audiences and requirements and the presentations were tailored specifically to both groups.  However, the central theme remained the same- how the team overcame the overwhelming odds and achieved the impossible through dynamic, authentic leadership and dedicated teamwork.

As many told me afterwards, the speeches inspired the audience.  In inspiring others I too was inspired.  This inspiration can come in mysterious ways and one of those ways that I become inspired is by helping others.  That’s one of the reasons I created Jump4Heroes to raise awareness and support military charities.  And when we’re inspired we ooze more confidence.  If we’re more confident we can be more creative, more determined, more motivated and, as a result, more efficient in what we do.

Here are 4 ways that you can become inspired:

  • Do a good deed.  Help someone or something.  Maybe help someone cross the road, assist someone struggling to carry their groceries, open the door for someone, pick up some rubbish or phone the owner of a stray cat.
  • Sign up for a challenge.  Put your name down for that triathlon or 5 Km run.  Find something you can commit to and the inspiration will continue all through the build up, the event and beyond.
  • Follow someone that inspires you.  That can be a business leader, adventurer to athlete.  We gain inspiration from others, following them through their challenges.  Take it a step further and see how you can apply their lessons and inspiration directly into your life.
  • Step outside of your comfort zone.  Doing and achieving something that you find difficult will really inspire you.  Stand up and give a short speech in front of a group of people or make a skydive.  Are you scared of heights- challenge yourself to stand on the roof of your building.

So go out there, find something that’s special to you.  Then allow yourself to be inspired.  Perhaps this blog post is the inspiration you might need for today, but then find some new inspiration next week to keep it going.

Question: How do you stay inspired?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I am inspired. Thanks

    • Fantastic. Thanks Amin. Glad to hear the positive feedback. I hope the inspiration continues.

  2. Very true. Only mix with people that inspire you – play sport, adventure, eat, sleep and drink with people you think are better than you, and even challenge them. You’ll never loose from it!

  3. I think what you saying is very true especially about helping others. I am very passionate about the Royal British Legion and the Victoria Cross Trust. I’ve met lots of amazing people and listened to their stories and that is inspiring too.

    • Thanks George. Following someone that inspires you is a great way to continue inspiration. I love the work that you do- please keep it up.

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