Achieving Success – Defy Impossible

Achieving Success – Defy Impossible


Success can often be the result of lots of hard work.  Over the last couple of months I, as part of the Jump4Heroes team, have been working extremely hard on a stunt that should come to fruition next week.

Defy Impossible TEDxKC 2013

On Saturday I travel to Kansas City to deliver a TEDx talk.  While it will be based on the  talk I gave at TEDx Houses of Parliament in May it will be more focussed, detailed and expanded as well as being totally aligned to their theme; Defy Impossible.  The theme is awesome and aligns totally with my beliefs.

I’ve adapted my content, added in more visual imagery and will be expanding on the challenges that I’ve faced.  I’ve endeavoured to keep the content exceedingly tight – every single sentence aims to add value.

As part of this project I’ve been working with the organisers, and others, to perform a new stunt.  I’m really excited by it.  It’s something that’s going to be new for me and certainly something that will be new for them.  As far as I can tell, this has never been done before. It’s also something that I feel incredibly proud to do and be part of.

Because its so new, and as part of the permissions, we’re sworn to secrecy until after the event.  I will keep you posted as soon as I can although you might see something in the Press before I can update my website.

Of course, like many of these stunts, there is so much behind-the-scenes coordination and organisation required that it could all fall through at the last minute.  Unfortunately, that’s life in this game.

But, what’s really great, is the can do attitude by all involved in the teamwork to make this happen.  We all worked hard, as a team, to overcome a significant amount of challenges to battle through and win this war.  I can’t list and thank everyone here right now for fear of betraying what the event is but Mike Lundgren and John Mulvihill from VML (and the TEDxKC organisers) have been instrumental in pulling this project together.

An old friend, Lee Harrison, parachuted in to make a number of significant introductions in the insurance industry and persevered to ensure success.  Of course, my team mates at Jump4Heroes have been integral in the training and planning and the whole team at The Royal British Legion have backed this prestigious project from the outset.

TEDxKC, and the live simulcast, will be held on the evening of 20 August and by then, fingers crossed and weather dependent, this stunt will have happened to form part of that evenings entertainment.  Tune in for the Livestream here.  Update: Watch the video below.

Stay tuned and watch this space…

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