Be Awesome. Feel Awesome. Feel Awesome. Be Awesome.

How life can change in one day.

Be Awesome Feel Awesome

I won the ProBASE World Cup Istanbul Showdown.  I was the Champion.  Life was great.

The next day I was jogging with my fiancee in Cirali, a quiet Turkish coastal resort.  We came upon 3 turtles that needed rescuing.  2 were crossing busy roads and this one was trapped in a storm drain as the water was viciously spiralling down.  We got to him just in time.

We’d done good.  I might be successful while leaping from buildings in an urban environment, but what really mattered was the small gesture we undertook, saving these lives.  It took little effort for us but, to the turtles, they got to live another day.

The humility and humbling nature of these simple acts was powerful.  We’d done something awesome and it made us feel awesome.  In return we wanted to do more, we sought out other hazardous areas and tried to help more turtles.  We felt awesome and we wanted to be more awesome.

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