Beyond Impossible – Hover Boards and Back To The Future

Beyond Impossible – Hover Boards and Back To The Future


Remember the Hover Board in Back To The Future Part II and Part III?  Well now you can actually get one.

HUVr Board, A Hover Board From HUVr Corp

A start-up company called HUVR CORP have invented the first real life Hover board, or so that say.  They have some amazing people involved including the real Dr. Emmett Brown from the movie, Moby, Mark Cuban and others.


Real Or Hoax?

Their video (shown below) shows a bunch of clips of the HUVr board in action and it looks impressive.  But is it real?

I’m afraid not.  It’s a hoax.

It’s a really impressive hoax.  But it’s a hoax.

It’s clear that some of the shots at least have the participants on wires.  So what’s this all about?

There is speculation that this could be a publicity stunt that will turn into a new Back To The Future movie.  Perhaps they have another trick up their sleeves.  But I think there’s more to be learnt…


Viral PR

Their website and video have gone viral – nearly 4 million views on YouTube in less than 2 days!  There are many commentators talking about the HUVr board.  It’s certainly a PR coup for the HUVR CORP.

But this is only possible because we all want to believe the dream.  Who doesn’t want a hover board?  I, for one, certainly do.  In fact I want lots of them.

It’s an amazing concept and an amazing dream.  Imagine owning one.  How much fun would you have?  This is a toy for kids and adults of almost all ages.

Our sense of desire, of having our dream fulfilled, makes us want to believe.  And that desire translates this concept into viral content.


Beyond Impossible

But what really fascinates me is the fact that so many of us are prepared to believe in a concept that isn’t possible.  The technology to produce a hover board like this does not yet exist (or, if it really does, not at a reasonable cost or within safe limits).  But, so many of us are prepared to believe in its possibility.

By believing we’re opening our minds and allowing our brains to cognitively consider possibilities beyond the realm of what we know is possible.  The current growth in technology helps to mentally give us ‘permission’ to do so.   It’s become ok to consider what’s impossible and not just what’s possible.

If we all operated in a sphere that only considers solutions, no matter how innovative, based on our current assumptions and known possibilities, our world would fail to evolve in the way that it has and continues to.

Of course, as we consider impossible solutions, some of our ideas will be ridiculous.  But, if just one of these seemingly ridiculous ideas actually works, and becomes reality, then we’re defying the realms of possibility and creating something incredible.

Next time you’re considering a problem and are restricting your mind to possible solutions, take a break and ponder on the notion of an impossible solution – it just might work.




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