Impossible Leaps – TEDxKC

Impossible Leaps – TEDxKC


Defy Impossible.  That was the theme of TEDxKC earlier this summer.  I was invited not just to talk at the largest TEDx event in the World but to be the first person to make the impossible leap from the 217 feet high Liberty Memorial World War One Museum in Kansas City.

Alastair Macartney performs a BASE Jump from WW1 Museum Liberty Tower-Exit

BASE Jump from WW1 Museum Liberty Tower-Exit. Photo by Thomas Lin, VML.

The video from the event has just been released (see below).  A professional five-camera team has spent the last couple of months putting together the edit.  My talk was a challenge for them.  In particular, when I acted out a wingsuit jump while playing POV footage on the giant screen behind me.  They did a great job of capturing the angle, showing both shots in one and portraying the perspective that the live audience got to see.

I told that audience that incredible dreams require incredible acts.  I went on to explain that it’s not about what you can do; it’s about what you can do with what you can do.  You’ll understand more of this when you watch the talk.

Defy Impossible TEDxKC 2013

The video shows exclusive BASE jumping footage from the Liberty Memorial, Jump4Heroes formation wingsuit flying from the infamous north face of the Eiger, a clip of a jump with the amazing LBdr Ben Parkinson MBE and some stories that I haven’t previously told in public.

Please sit back and enjoy the video.  If you like it then I’d love it if you could share it, like it and comment – it’s really the best way to get the message out there.



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