Staying at the Top – BASE Jumping World Cup

No BASE jumping today at the Pro BASE World Cup Istanbul Showdown, but the scores came out.

ProBASE World Cup Istanbul Showdown Round 1 Scores 2013

ProBASE World Cup Istanbul Showdown Round 1 Scores 2013

We’ve spent the day on a wind hold.  Yesterday I blogged about how I felt my 1st round went – ok, but nothing special.  So, today, I saw the scores.  I am in 1st place.  And, with no jumping today, that’s where I remain.  Not only that, but the forecast is bad for tomorrow.

This all sounds great except for a couple points:

  • The pressure is on me.  Right now, I only need to score in the top 16 to make the semi-final round when all scores go back to zero.  So, if I don’t have the best score in the next round, my confidence could get hit.  Right now I’d rather be chasing the top slot than be in it.  I need that hunger and thirst to get there, not be there already and have to hold that position.
  • Should I be here?  With my accuracy score, I don’t think so.  But the scoring system is not focussed completely on the accuracy but has  loadings on a variety of other factors such as canopy opening heading and freefall delay.  I was text book on those but my accuracy wasn’t perfect on that jump.  So it’s a little awkward to sit there in the number one slot but not feel that you should be there.

I need to stay at the top.  So, here is what I am thinking:

  • In the 1st World Canopy Piloting Championships in Austria, John Zuliani was leading but still had a round or 2 to go.  The pressure was on him and I remember talking to him at the time.  It was not a pleasant position to be in.  But he dug through it, focussed, and gave the performance of his life to win.
  • Last year, at the Extreme World Championships in Spain, Jamie Flynn was leading going into the last round.  Again, the pressure was on and he made it happen, emerging victorious.

These guys set precedent.  I need to find strength in that.  I need to focus and give the performance of my life.

Wish me luck.

Question: Anyone got any tips for me?

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  1. Just looking at the score criteria, Shitty Landing, WTF. Good fortune Al. Be the best you can be.

    • Thanks Tony. Yeah, interesting definitions from the European judges.

  2. Your no.1 spot despite accuracy issues. Focus on performance….yours. They have to catch you knowing you can up your game. Doubt in their mind is a great weapon for you to utilise. All the best Eamonn

    • Very true Eamonn and good advice. I can perform better in the accuracy for sure. I just hope that I open exactly on heading during the next few rounds.

  3. remember what you tell 4-way teams – aim for a points average not a competition place. You can only control your own performance not that of other competitors, so measure yourself against your goal. If you are not happy with your accuracy score, you still have some improvement to be hungry for in the next round!

    • Exactly Tash. Many thanks. I’ll be aiming to up the accuracy score for sure. Hopefully it won’t be too turbulent but then, that’s what makes it interesting and exciting.


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