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Inspirational Motivational Speeches – Leadership, Management and Adventure

A sample of Alastair’s inspirational motivational speeches on Leadership, Management and Adventure are listed below:

Leadership Under Extreme Pressure: Mission To The Eiger

Leading a team to undertake a seemingly impossible challenge, against all the odds, requires some of the most powerful resolve.  Even more so when that seemingly impossible challenge involves unpowered human wingsuit flight, in formation, from the perilous North Face of the Eiger.  Alastair takes you through the planning and preparation, the build-up and training, the highs and lows, crashes and falls as he leads this pioneering adventure; all to raise awareness for charity.  He draws parallels to challenges faced in everyday life and how the lessons learnt on the mountainside can be applied directly to the board room.

Fear Management: Simple Solutions To YOUR Biggest Fears

Alastair has first-hand experience of extreme danger; from his military experience in the most volatile areas of Afghanistan through to his courageous descents from a variety of daunting cityscapes and mountain edges in the pursuit of true human flight.  Through Alastair’s calm exterior and smooth composure, many don’t realise that throughout all of these events he was absolutely petrified.  Alastair takes you through his easy-to-use methodology providing you with the tools to battle, confront and overcome your fears.

Human Flight: From Possibility to Reality

From his earliest memories, Alastair was born looking up at the sky and longing to be in it.  At the age of 16 he first jumped from a plane.  Since then he has developed his passion, becoming a multiple-time skydiving National Champion and World Medallist.  Alastair takes you through the journey; from ‘just’ falling through the sky to flying like a bird- true human flight.  He talks you through the trials and tribulations and the advancement of human flight before discussing the solutions to other seemingly impossible notions of human flight.

For the scientists this speech stays attuned to the detail of human flight, for the leaders it makes the connection to goal setting and the steps necessary to achieve them in the more ‘normal’ day-to-day world.

Which Direction? Deciding Your Future

Like many people, Alastair never understood which direction his career should take. The decisions were overwhelming and life-changing.  As you might have imagined, fitting exactly into the system wasn’t his cup of tea.  Alastair outlines his tools for battling through the uncertainty and developing solutions for a positive future career that will provide a variety of opportunities and open avenues that were previously unexplored.  From those about to embark on a career to those fully embracing one, Alastair’s tools will help you open your eyes to further possibilities, provide you with more lateral thought and enable you to make comprehensive life changes, setting appropriate life goals.


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