Multicultural Societies and Global Challenges

Global Challenges and Multicultural Motivational Speeches

Inspirational Leadership in a Multi-Cultural Society

Alastair, wearing a traditional Pashtun outfit, bonds with a local government official in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.With the advent of globalisation and continuing multi-cultural migration of diverse demographics, businesses, societies and governments must learn to change and adapt to these new challenges.  Alastair draws on his experiences growing up around the world and working in multi-national organisations.  He was forced to quickly understanding the range of cross-governmental cultures while working in a mixed NATO and civilian environment from a range of countries.  This speech particularly draws on his experiences while deeply embedded within the local indigenous civilian population and working in conjunction with the US, UK, Danish and Estonian governments (where Alastair received significant praise for his work advising on Transition in Afghanistan).  Alastair simplifies the issue both at a strategic and grass-roots level and provides tools that all managers can use to ensure their workforce, across a range of cultures, remain efficient, content and productive.

Population Engagement: Simple Solutions To Develop Local Communities

While serving in one of the most volatile areas of Afghanistan, Alastair was part of a cutting-edge team that delivered solutions that both engaged the population and developed local communities.  As a Pashtu speaker (the native language of southern Afghanistan) he was deeply embedded with the local indigenous population.  He achieved overwhelming success, far above all expectations, due to his unparalleled ability to completely bond with the local population and establish long-term relationships that were absolutely critical to the international success of the Mission.

Alastair will outline his proven techniques that provide simple solutions to develop local communities.  Whether you’re interested, or currently engaged, in developing the community in your local area, your work force or a whole nation, Alastair’s solutions are equally applicable.


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